Powering a new generation of businesses in Africa

Paystack is a technology company solving payments problems for ambitious businesses. Our mission is to help businesses in Africa become profitable, envied, and loved.


Live merchants in Nov 2018


Payments collected in Oct 2018


Paid out to merchants in Oct 2018

Scene at the first Y Combinator Lagos Meetup, hosted at Paystack HQ
Scene at the first Y Combinator Lagos Meetup, hosted at Paystack HQ

A growth engine for modern businesses in Africa

Paystack builds technology to help Africa’s best businesses grow - from new startups, to market leaders launching new business models.

We make it easy for businesses to accept secure payments from multiple local and global payment channels, and then we provide tools to help you retain existing customers, and acquire new ones.

As makers and business owners ourselves, we’re inspired by a vision of millions of exceptional businesses across the continent who’re profitable, envied, and loved. We believe that in our lifetimes, businesses in Africa will routinely go toe to toe with the best companies on the planet, and win. Building that world gives us purpose, every day.

The Team

We’re a diverse, close-knit team on an adventure to build something enduring, while learning something new, every day.

Oyinda Aina


Wale Eseyin


Khadijah Abu


Olumide Ojo

Product Design

Tomi Odusanya

Product Design

Onyekachi Mbaike

Product Design

Seike Ibojo


Opemipo Aikomo

Product Design

Ezra Olubi

CTO, Co founder

Alexander Fasoro-Joseph

Product Design

Obi IK


Abdulrahman Jogbojogbo


Nkechi Ogbuagu


Stephen Amaza


Loknan Nanyak


Adeyinka Adewuyi


Gbadebo Oyelakin


Ibukun Akinnawo


Ibrahim Lawal


Babafemi Aluko


Fisayo Kolawole


Adebola Adeola


Emmanuel Quartey


Awatt Bassey


Bolaji Akande


Abiola Showemimo


Shola Akinlade

CEO, Co founder

Our Values

We’re a deeply mission-driven company, and these are the core ideas we return to when we make decisions.

Choose Transparency

Share your work often. Openly seek critique. Have the difficult, honest conversation as soon as possible. Get it off your chest

Communicate Clearly

Simplify - refine ideas until they’re easy to explain. Say exactly what you mean. Take care to confirm that you’ve been understood

Practice Kindness

Love your teammates and our customers (even when they make it hard). Bring positive vibes. Be generous with "thank you” and “sorry.” Lift people up with respect and empathy. Take care of yourself

Insist on High Standards

Remember that merchants are trusting you with their livelihoods. Please give this responsibility your very best. Don’t pass the buck - take ownership of your responsibilities, think three steps ahead, and follow through. Be a domain expert your team can rely on. Deliver consistent excellence, and require it from others.

Pursue Growth and Learning

See every situation as a learning opportunity. Experiment and make new mistakes. Strive to get a little better at something, every day

Embrace the Mission

Find the joy in everything :). This thing is bigger than all of us. Celebrate the wins, and cherish both the lessons, and the people we’ll meet along the way. Be brave. Banish fear. Have fun. ❤️

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Proudly made in Nigeria

Paystack is entirely designed and built in the dynamic, entrepreneurial city of Lagos!

Lagos Office

3A Ladoke Akintola, Ikeja GRA

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Come work with us

Come do meaningful work with kind, smart colleagues who're invested in your growth

Our Story

This is the Paystack story as told through milestones

  • October 2018

    10 billion Naira in monthly transaction value

    For the first time, Paystack processes over 10 billion Naira (~$27.5 million) in a single month

  • August 2018

    Series A

    Paystack raises $8 million Series A led by Stripe, together with Visa, and follow-on investment from Tencent and Y Combinator.

  • February 2018

    Launch of Paystack Starter Businesses

    For the first time, businesses who aren’t yet formally registered are able to get started with online payments with Paystack

  • July 2017

    1 billion Naira in monthly transaction value

    For the first time, Paystack processes over 1 billion Naira (~$3 million) in a single month

  • July 2017

    Launch of Pay with Bank

    Paystack introduces the ability for customers to pay with only a bank account number

  • December 2016

    Seed investment

    Paystack raises $1.3 million from local and international investors, including Tencent, Comcast Ventures, and Ventures Platform

  • January 2016

    Public launch

    Paystack comes out of beta!

  • November 2015

    Y Combinator

    Paystack becomes the first Nigerian company to be accepted into the Y Combinator, the tech startup accelerator where companies like Dropbox and Airbnb were incubated

  • 2015

    Paystack is founded

    Paystack is founded by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi, software developers and longtime friends